How to Remove a Garbage Disposal?

If you have a busted garbage disposal, the first thing that pops into your mind is how to remove a garbage disposal in a proper manner. Of course, you wouldn’t want to mess up those electrical circuitry and plumbing systems involved in your overall garbage disposal system, would you? This is where comes in. provides easy step-by-step instructions on how to remove a garbage disposal in a proper manner so as to replace it with a new one. First, you need tools that include Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, a bucket, a socket set, and a pair of slip joint pliers. You also obviously need a replacement garbage disposal. Then, you need to turn off the power of your garbage disposal straight from the circuit breaker box. Next, you need to disconnect the disposal unit from its drain arm.
At this point, you need to use your pair of pliers to remove the dishwasher drain tube by loosening the spring clamp. Afterward, the disposal unit can be removed by twisting it free from its mounting nut. Then, you need to turn the garbage disposal unit upside down in order to dump out food particles, what-have-yous, and remaining water. Doing this would also allow you to unscrew the plate that covers the electrical circuitry of your garbage disposal.

Then, remove your garbage disposal unit’s drain and mounting assembly. Afterward, you need to unscrew your garbage disposal unit’s mounting ring in order to push its drain flange up to its drain hole. You now have the chance to remove any old plumber’s putty from your sink. Finally, you need to fasten a rubber sealant under the drain flange, but if your new garbage disposal doesn’t have a rubber sealant, you could just use your new plumber’s putty. This is the point where you should install your new garbage disposal. But before you go and replace your old garbage disposal unit with a new one, you should give GarbageDisposalMag.Com a visit since this site offers not just information on how to remove a garbage disposal in a proper manner, but a multitude of inexpensive options when it comes to quality garbage disposals together with a set of useful tips for properly taking care and maintaining your new garbage disposal unit, too.

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