Interesting Facts On Happy Valentine Day with Valentine Day Images

happy valentines day imagesAs information, that the day of love or Valentine’s day it has many versions of the story. However, the most familiar story in our mind is the famous story of the Romans. A story about love played Saint Romawai person at the time. And the name of the Valentine’s Day was inspired by his name. St. Valentine was executed on 14 February 270 BC. Valentine punished for violating a ban on the kingdom of getting married. It is an act that is prohibited by the Roman emperor of the era. The emperor forbade marriage after the roman men refusing military service, and they prefer to stay with my wife at home.
Behind these events a lot of interesting facts after that, until now Valentine’s Day is still an interesting tradition and the most anticipated – later by those who celebrate the day of love. Below are facts – facts about Valentine’s day. This blog is created for happy valentines day images, happy valentines day pictures, valentines day photos, etc.

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  •          According to the Latin, Valentine means “courage.”
  •         After the Christmas holidays the most awaited by Americans next holiday Valentine on February 14.
  •          In 1537 by King Henry VIII of England, for the first time announcing inaugurated as the Valentine’s Day holiday.
  •          Brazil used to celebrate Valentine’s Day on 12 June and in Colombia the day of love is celebrated in September.
  •          Alexander Graham Bell to get a patent on the invention of the telephone on Valentine’s Day 1876. Thanks to his discovery, the couple who are separated by distance can contact and be able to celebrate the day of love.
  •         In America one of 10 people on Valentine’s Day to buy jewelry for a gift that jewelry sales in February totaled $ 2.4 billion in 2005.
  •          The Americans believe that the red rose was the favorite flower of the goddess of love, known by the name of Venus.
  •          California is the leading producer of roses, although most are sold as Valentine’s Day are imported from South America.
  •          By Richard Cadbury in 1868 for the first time, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate sold.
  •          Hallmark is a company that produces more than 1,300 varieties of different types Valentine card.
  •          Valentine greeting cards were first made by Esher Howland who live in Massachusetts in 1840.
  •          A greeting card sent on Valentine’s Day is the oldest 1400s. The card was sent by Duke of Orleans who is undergoing imprisonment in the Tower of London for his wife in France. The card is currently kept in the museum of London England.
  •          Taj Mahal is a great building ever built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan as a gift of love for his wife who had died, as well as a sign that the emperor is so much love to his wife.
  •          In the 1800s doctors commonly recommend to patients who have a broken heart to eat chocolate, because the levels contained in chocolate claimed to be soothing. Until now, the chocolate becomes friends who win and fun while being gutted.

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