Use These Hot Valentines Day Pictures to Propose Your Partner!

Happy Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day, the annual February 14 is the Western traditional festival one. It is all about free pictures for valentine’s day, free valentine’s day clip art, romance, and flowers, chocolates, greeting card holiday. On this day men and women give each other gifts to express love or friendship. Valentine’s Day dinner date often represents the couple the development of key relationships. Europe and the United States has become a favorite holiday for young people in other countries have also become popular. In China, one of the traditional festivals of Tanabata Festival is also the girls pay attention to the day; it was known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. Due to express common human feelings, to explore the countries have their own “free valentine pictures.”

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February 14 in the Gregorian calendar year of the first 45 days from the end of the year there are 320 days (leap year there are 321 days). The annual February 14 is the Western tradition of Valentine’s Day 2017.
270 – Roman Catholics of St. Valentine was executed, this date was later designated as ” free valentine pictures for facebook”
Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day, Europe and Oceania are some of the country’s national holiday. The origin of this festival very much, but in general are Roman Catholics of St. Valentine was executed after being designated as “Valentine’s Day” is more common.
3rd century AD, the Roman Empire there is a general crisis, economic depression, the ruling class corruption, social unrest, people have to revolt. Aristocracy to maintain its rule, the brutal repression of the people and Christians. When there is a Christian Valentin, arrested and jailed. In prison, he was candid heart touched governor’s daughter. They love each other and get the governor to take care of her daughter. Ruling class ordered his execution. Before the provisional sentence, he gave the governor’s daughter wrote a long suicide note, that he is innocent. Honorable state of mind that he and the sheriff daughter deeply nostalgic. Keep reading for coloring pictures for valentine’s day.
AD 270 February 14, he was sentenced to death, later, Christians in honor of Valentine for justice, for the pure love and sacrifice themselves, will face punishment of that day as ” Sheng Walun Festival “, and posterity to “Valentine’s Day.” Here we are also going to give the information on legend of Happy Valentine Day 2017.

A legend

3rd century AD, Roman Emperor Claudius II in Rome, declared abandoned all marriages commitment was out of consideration of the war, so that more care nothing men can go fight the battlefield. A (Sanctus Valentinus) The priest did not comply with the decree and continue to love the young church wedding. After the event the defendant made, Wa Lunting priest was first whipped, and then throw a stone hit, and finally in 270 AD February 14 this day was sent to the gallows to be hanged. After the 14th century, people began to mark the occasion. Chinese translated as “Valentine’s Day” this day, in Western countries is called Valentine’s Day, in honor of the priest to call the shots for Valentine sacrificed.

Legend of two

Valentine is said to be the earliest Christians of that era to be a Christian means danger and death. To cover the other martyrs, Valentine was caught, put in jail. Where he cured the blind daughter of the governor’s eyes. When the tyrant heard this miracle, he was very frightened, so the Valentine beheaded. According to legend, in the execution of that one morning, Valentine to the warden’s daughter wrote a wistful farewell letter, inscribed: From your Valentine (sent from your Valentine). The same day, blind girl in his grave and planted a saffron apricot to sustenance their emotions, this day is February 14th. Since then, Christian put February 14 as Valentine’s Day.

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